Nihilum is Latin for Nothing ...

And this is for the people who didn't know that before, only. If you are looking for nothing, you probably won't find what you expect. If you aren't looking for anything you are welcome to stay in a bit … the site's name actually does not have anything to do with what is available here. It's just one of the domains I was booking years ago waiting to be used for something.

So what is this site about?

This wiki is used to establish a community support site for any Open Source software I am developing. Most of the projects featured on this site are developed separately from my commercial engagements and so I decided to start a new site with its own address to keep things separated as good as possible. Here you are and here you find Open Source software, which is all available for free. You don't have to pay any cent and may download and use the provided software on as many computers as you like.

The Disclaimer ...

There's a rub in it, for sure: any software is provided as-is under one of several available open source licenses and thus comes without any kind of warranty. You may use the provided software but do so completely at your own risk. If you can't find help on how to install or use the software, check out this site first. If you're a patient person you may ask me for personal support and I will try to find some time for helping you. If you need urgent guidance or support, want something special included with the software feel free to ask for commercial support.

Reverse Support

If you don't need any support but hear an inner voice demanding you to reversely support my efforts in Open Source, keep this in mind: donations are welcome.

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